Vegan mocha coffee truffles

Are you craving for patisserie-style vegan mocha coffee truffles? Then you should try these! Made with mocha, oat cream and chocolate these crunchy, creamy goodies are so easy to make!

Why is “kahve”- Turkish coffee – the first flavor I started creating vegan truffles? Well, in Frankfurt where I live there is a tiny café called “MokkaTeeria”. Guests are happy to see how mocha coffee is brewed traditionally: On hot sand (there are other techniques like coal, but this one is just so comforting). There are few comparable places in Germany. So this one is very special, and it’s fascinating to see how much instinctive feeling and time this small sip of oriental coffee art affords.

It is looking quite simple: The right mixture of powdered coffee, cold water, and more or less sugar has to be boiled slowly in a small copper pot. In Turkey, it’s called “Cezve” and a handmade beauty is worth a small fortune. The art of making this coffee is to see when the ascending foam is just perfect. Only then the Mocha is ready to serve.

vegan mocha coffee truffles

Turkish mocha coffee is inscribed an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

A glass of water and a nice chat are ideal companions to this little black friend. In Turkey, it has such a long and lively tradition that UNESCO inscribed it on the representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity back in 2013. For me, it is the perfect base for vegan truffles that are not too sweet but heavenly creamy and with a little crunch from the coffee powder.

Kahve Truffle making equipment

Brewed on hot sand it tastes much more balanced

Probably all connoisseurs and members of the Turkish and Arab community now is are throwing up their hands in despair: I wanted to test this method at home. So I just went to my kid’s sandbox, sieved about 4 cm of sand in a flat pan (this was good fun:-)). Then I slowly heated up my stolen goods on the stove and centered my coffee pot. It works – extremely well! Aside from the fact that it is incredible meditative to warm hands over hot sand, move the Cezve now and then and shovel the sand around the lower third of the hot copper to space out evenly the increasing heat – I think this way Turkish coffee tastes much more balanced.

That’s the reason why I used this method preparing my vegan mocha coffee truffles. But this is optional. If you don’t have kids, a sandbox or a birdcage at home, use your bare stove and make it!

But know you know;-)

Preparing these bitter-sweet vegan mocha coffee truffles is simple

You just need the right ingredients and more or less patience to succeed. Instead of water you whisk and heat up oat cream, coffee and a hint of Muscovado sugar (it’s unrefined, dark brown and a little moist). The longer your creamy coffee is simmering, the more subtle will be the taste. Mixing the powdered coffee and oat cream you already have a genius smooth consistency which is very unusual for plant-based alternatives. I first thought this is because of xanthan gum which store bought oat cream contains to stabilize it, but it’s due to the powdery grounded coffee.

Add a little bit of cocoa butter to increase fat content and to carry the flavors. Last but not least best dark chocolate and ready is your base for delicately melting, bitter-sweet Turkish coffee truffles like fresh from your favorite patisserie. Vegan and to enjoy with no regrets – especially when you just cover them with raw cocoa. Covered with dark chocolate they are classy and make a wonderful present as well.

Kahve Turkish Coffee Truffles two ways

I love to have one or two of them after lunch or dinner. Accompanied with a good coffee or espresso, you will double the joy of this tasty experience.

If I made you want to try now: That’s the recipe. Have fun, enjoy and don’t forget to tell me how you like it!

afiyet olsun – bon appetit!



Vegan truffles “kahve” style or: turkish coffee in a ball
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(makes about 20 truffles)

150 ml oat cream

3 tsp. mocca powder

1-2 tsp. unrefined brown sugar

150 g dark chocolate (70 % and higher) chopped; 50 g for the truffle base and 100 g for coverage

optional: spices - I like to add 3 grounded cardamon seeds, the tip of a teaspoon full of cinnamon, a hint of all spice and (vanilla)salt.

optional: raw cocoa and gold dust


Stir Mocha powder, sugar, and cold oat cream in a Moka pot or a higher potty.

Put on the stove or on sand and heat slowly at medium temperature. It can take up to 10 minutes until the coffee mixture begins to boil.

During this time, chop the chocolate, take 50 g.

As soon the Mocha cream begins to simmer, foam will develop and rise relativ quickly. Watch this process carefully! Take your pot from the stove and repeat this process two or three times.

Stir in the chocolate, cocoa butter and if you like also the spices.

Let this mixture cool down for about 6 hours or overnight.

Using a teaspoon, form small balls. Set them side by side on a shallow dish and put them in the freezer for about two hours before they are coated with melted chocolate.

If you prefer the version with raw cocoa, just skip this step and roll your truffles in it - finished.

For the patisserie style version temper the remaining chocolate. The easiest way: Melt 2/3 in a metal bowl over hot water bath. Then add the remaining one-third, this way your chocolate remains beautiful and shiny.

Take truffles out of the freezer get and dip them in your melted chocolate - using a simple or special chocolate fork. Roll immediately over a grid or set them directly on parchment paper until firm.

The freezing of the truffle base will still produce beautiful, shiny truffles. And has the advantage that the chocolate sets quickly and you have very little loss from dripping down chocolate.

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  1. Natalia
    How good and inviting these truffles look, Tamara!
    19 April, 2017
  2. Tamara
    They are so rich and chocolaty - everyone here loved them! Especially my mom, who's NOT vegan and a truffle expert:-)
    19 April, 2017

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