Vegan Matcha Tuiles

This is a simple recipe for crispy vegan matcha tuiles that are also an unusual, last-minute table decoration. Edible Easter baskets? Simply put some colorful chocolate eggs into your wafers. The matcha tuiles are especially tasty when you fill them with some yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast or just serve them with a scoop of ice cream for dessert.

Like all my recipes, they are not too sweet. The matcha tea is mainly adding color. Stir some lemon zest into the dough for a spring-fresh taste and if you like coconut, you can replace 1/3 of the flour with coconut flour.

Vegan Matcha Tuiles - a naturally sweet table decoration

Vegan matcha tuiles are a pretty table decoration

I have brought a little moss from the garden, that has developed over the winter on stones and old wood. Natural table decorations, which I don’t have to store after the holidays are over, I like best:-)

Vegan Matcha Tuiles - a naturally sweet table decoration

You can prepare tuiles with and without eggs

For a classic tuile dough, use egg whites. If you like to prepare vegan matcha tuiles, you can easily replace eggs with Aquafaba. For this recipe, I used the liquid, you normally rinse off chickpeas or beans from the glass.

Don’t be afraid if you want to try vegan matcha tuiles. I promise you won’t taste the Aquafaba at all. To be honest, I was skeptical myself, but there is no reason.

The recipe for edible Easter baskets

is really very easy. Above all, you can store the baked tuiles for several days.

Here are a few tips:

  • You can prepare the dough in advance.
  • If your dough was in the fridge for too long, wait for 15 – 20 minutes and it’ts spreadable again.
  • I use baking paper. Alternatively, just grease your tin.
  • A simple way to smooth down your dough: Turn around your tin or baking paper instead of your palette knife.
  • If you don’t have a palette knife, use a tablespoon.
  • You get a smooth surface by moistening your palette knife or spoon with cold water.
  • After baking, you have to shape the tuiles fast! So get your vessels ready.
  • Use your palette knife or a wide-bladed-knife to remove the tuiles from the baking tin.

A Recipe for delicious Matcha Tuiles that can be prepared vegan or the classic way

I wish all of you joyful Easter holidays. See you soon! Sweet Café Internationals’ hibernation is finally over…

A Recipe for delicious Matcha Tuiles that can be prepared vegan or the classic way

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  1. Dusan
    They look like plants from the movie "Avatar"
    8 May, 2018

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