Two exclusive crumble recipes to refine your desserts

Some things are not simply a dessert and these two, very individual and vegan crumble recipes are not only the perfect supply for spontaneous cravings or dear guests. They are extraordinary and something you just don’t get easily.

A Crumble Daydream

It will be one of those very special moments. I carefully choose the dress for the evening, colored my nails. For a restaurant – my goodness. For a restaurant! Yes, of course, we are not dining-out like this very often. Somewhat withdrawn from the road but in the middle of “my” city, there it is, with white facades shining bright. One side invitingly open, the others surrounded by lushious greenery. While we are silently enjoying the first moments, I will observe innumerable leaves waving silently goodnight in the twilight behind huge windows. And I will be thinking: “How beautiful the purple sky suits the color of these armchairs!”

Hours will pass up to the moment I am waiting for, full of yearning: the beginning of dessert serving. Every morsel, every spoon I will celebrate, even more than the main dishes. Of course, they will be overwhelming as this restaurant is decorated with two Michelin stars.

But for me, the best is yet to come. Inevitably I have to think of a scene in the south of France. How old was I then? 9, 10 years? For weeks I was looking forward to Mousse au Chocolat, but in no restaurant it was on the menu. Day after day my desire became bigger, unbearable. “Why are you laughing?” asks my husband. “Can you imagine that I once ate five plates  of Mousse au Chocolate for dinner? I say. “Of course!”

Chocolate earth crumble on a star-rated dessert - one of two exclusive vegan crumble recipes on my food blog Sweet Cafe International

The dessert will be an artfully directed dream, made of fruits so juicy and aromatic that I have to pause a moment, drop the spoon, marvel. A praline that melts directly and comfortably cool in my mouth. A sorbet, finely spiced creams, nuts… And then there will be these unbelievably delicious, rubbed and yet appreciably crispy sprinkles.

I know that, because Tobias, the patissier, likes crumble on his desserts.

Here I wrote about his work. Got exactly what tips he has. With a bit of skill you can certainly start something in your own kitchen. His vegan fruit creams, for example, sound simple and so tempting.

How many times would we enjoy an evening like this? Once a year? Once in three years? Once?

Really unique it would be to have at least one of these extraordinary crumble recipes. Without much effort, every simple dessert at home would suddenly be something to kneel down to.

Almond-Marzipan Crumble, oneone of two exclusive vegan crumble recipes; vegan, naturally sweet recipes

A True Story

I just went to the garage for a minute to get my strawberries out of the bike basket. How much more would I love to have picked them myself – I used to do this, many years ago – instead of buying them from a lady whose working conditions make me sad every time. In the garden I picked corn flowers, roses and the first currants. Most are still immature, but witty birds already pilfer as much as they can. Back at the terrace door, a warm almond fragrance welcomes me – glorious!

A dream came true: Tobias gave me two of his crumble recipes. Star-crumble from the restaurant Lafleur in Frankfurt:-)

I. Almond Marzipan Crumble with Cru de Cacao

Not more than 15 minutes ago I pushed my first almond marzipan crumble into the oven. Before that, I reassured myself briefly whether it is right that the dough feels so dry. “Yes,” Tobias said. “After baking, when it’s cooled, you can break it.”

Almond-Marzipan Crumble with strawberries and marzipan ice cream, oneone of two exclusive vegan crumble recipes; vegan, naturally sweet recipes

I’ll do it right away. This crumble reminds me a little at Amarettini. Roasted almonds and cocoa nibs make the already crispy dough many times more interesting. So much crunchiness in my mouth!

More family members feel tempted by the heavy sweetness that is swirling out of the kitchen. Now take good care that the crumble does not disappear as well as the currants in the garden: unfinished. I’d like to serve it with fresh strawberries and a scoop of marzipan ice cream.

II. Chocolate Earth

Chocolate earth crumble recipe; vegan, naturally sweet and refined sugar free

I see my “chocolate earth” standing at the open window and think that Tobias could not have found a better name. It looks like fresh from the garden, too. ‘ With this, you can top pretty much every great summer dessert’, I think to myself.

Even though the dough was greasy and moist before baking, and due to its high proportion of pure cocoa powder more fat was released in the oven, now, cooled down, it also has a little crunch. Over time, it will become even more – storing is worthwhile.

Fresh strawberries and currants pair wonderful with the chocolate earth, I think all the summer fruits are simply delicious in combination. The vegan marzipan ice cream as well.

Chocolate earth crumble recipe, served with fresh strawberries and marzipan ice cream; vegan, naturally sweet and refined sugar free

I will never be able to serve attractive dishes like the ones Tobias is plating in the Lafleur Restaurant day after day.

But from now on I’ll always have two large glasses full of his finest crumble in stock – for spontaneous cravings, my family or dear guests.

Vegan. Of course, naturally sweet. And incomparably delicious!

Chocolate earth crumble recipe, served with fresh strawberries and marzipan ice cream; vegan, naturally sweet and refined sugar free

Here are both crumble recipes for you, too! They are prepared in less than 30 minutes, uncomplicated, and still, have “star appeal.”

Thank you, Tobias, that I am allowed to publish them!

Two exclusive Crumble recipes to refine your desserts
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Almond Marzipan Crumble with Cru de Cacao

250 g flour

200 g unrefined sugar

100 g marzipan

100 g vegan butter

30 g Cru de Cacao (cakao-nibs)

50 g almond semolina or flour

pinch of salt

50 g gehackte und geröstete Mandeln

Chocolate Earth

100 g vegan butter

50 g flour

150 g raw cacao

125 g unrefined sugar

35 g dark chocolate (< 68 %) - melted

pinch of salt


For both recipes, all ingredients are kneaded to a crumble in a bowl each.

Put the almond marzipan crumble for 15 minutes in the pre-heated oven (160°C / 320 °F)

The chocolate earth bakes at same temperature for 18-20 minutes.

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