Sweet City Guide – 5 marvelous cafes in Lübeck

No matter if you are looking for classic, lactose-free or vegan cakes: These cafes in Lübeck offer the very best and their atmosphere is unique.

Behind listed facades the small Hanseatic City offers a huge variety for foodies and lovers of art and culture – just one hour’s drive from Hamburg and only 20 minutes away from the Baltic Sea.

My first “Sweet City Guide” does not lead to a metropolis, it starts quite small: with cafes in Lübeck, which I discovered after I fell in love with the main station in transit from Hamburg. If you are only a little enthusiastic about architecture, your heartbeat will go faster in view of this 1908 built monument.

And you may feel, like me, the desire to discover the city that is something special in many aspects.

Lübeck: World Cultural Heritage and Marzipan Capital

The undestroyed Lübeck Old Town, with its many small alleyways, picturesque houses, enchanting backyards, independent theatres, and galleries, was 1987 declared as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO as a “total artwork.”

Perhaps its enchanting location in the middle of the water is the reason why Lübeck is today the German marzipan capital. According to legend, in the 17th century, during a siege by the Swedes and to prevent an impending famine, a sugar maker came up with the ingenious idea of making bread from the only remaining stocks: almonds and sugar. The birth of Marci-pan?

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that it’s a true story. But enough aromatic almonds from the Mediterranean must have reached the port of Lübeck because, at the beginning of the 18th century, well over 100 confectioners made marzipan here. One of them, Johann Georg Niederegger, was particularly successful. Under his name marzipan is still produced and famous all over the world.

Personally, I don’t like the Niederegger coffee houses because they are a tourist magnet and very commercial. That’s why I was looking for particular cafes in Lübeck. And these are my favorites:

The 5 sweetest cafes in Lübeck

1. Lübecker Marzipan-Speicher

The old Lübeck’ “Marzipan-Speicher” is situated directly on the “Untertrave” and the cafe has a beautiful view to the river. It’s not as individual as the other places. But if you want to buy high-quality marzipan that contains 70 percent almonds, there is no getting around the brick stone building anyway, only 50 meters away from the famous “Holstentor”. By the way, it’s the place where I bought the main ingredient for my vegan marzipan ice cream.

Cafes in Lübeck: The "Marzipan-Speicher" is overlooking the river

Lübecker Marzipan-Speicher

An der Untertrave 98


2. Fräulein Brömse

Little frangipani loops instead of big, creamy cakes: That’s how I liked Lübecks marzipan best. They are lactose-free and dipped in dark chocolate on the bottom – my personal recommendation if you are visiting “Fräulein Brömse”.

Marzipan loops from "Fräulein Brömse" - on of the best cafes in Lübeck.

And that’s what you definitely should do! Combined with a visit of the German “Hansemuseum” or just because you think that first-class homemade cakes and little tartlets are even more delicious if served on delightful vintage plates. Outside and with a view over the Old Cities rooftops in the summer. During the colder seasons inside the cafe, which has been part of the monastery.

"Fräulein Brömse" is one of the best cafes in Lübeck.

Fräulein Brömse

An der Untertrave 1


3. Blumen und Kaffee

There’s no way leading around Lübecks “Fleischhauerstraße”, a road full of individual shops for fashion, arts and craft, cafes and restaurants. Tucked away in a beautiful flower shop, which also sells handmade pillows, you will find a cafe with a small, fine selection of homemade cakes. Though the place is looking quite alternative, the cakes are neither vegan nor lactose-free, but delicious and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

Blumen und Kaffee - one of the best cafes in Lübeck

Blumen und Kaffee

Fleischhauerstraße 40


4. Abessa

Just a few steps away, behind the door of House No. 54 there is a delightful little chocolate manufactory. They have excellent tarts with fruit or – of course – chocolate, which you can enjoy accompanied by traditional roasted organic coffee.  Directly on site, or you can take away your piece of cake together with mouthwatering chocolate. I had some troubles to decide and chose a package with all variations, also orange truffles and finest rosemary pastries. If you are luckier than me, you can even watch the owner Kerstin Kriese producing her sweet treats.

Little chocolate manufactury Abessa is one of my favorite cafes in Lübeck


Fleischhauerstraße 54


5. quartier – fine arts

The very best cafe and my personal favorite is also an insider tip because they call themselves a wine bar and art gallery. Which is true of course but they offer scrumptious, even vegan cakes. Here, a lifelong dream of two people has come true in a concept that combines regional art and food in the most beautiful way.

quartier - favorite cafe in Lubeck offering scrumptious, even vegan cakes

Jan-Hendrik von Kuick and his wife Vivien Thiessen call a part of the “Progymnasium Dr. Bussenius” their own – here the most famous brothers of the city, Heinrich and Thomas Mann, went to school. Probably the school’s headmaster Dr. Bussenius was the model character for Heinrich Mann in his novel “Professor Unrat” (Small Town Tyrant). 

A portrait of the Mann-brothers from childhood days is displayed prominently on the first floor, on the way to Vivien’s atelier. With a little luck, you can watch her at work.
quartier - favorite cafe in Lubeck offering scrumptious, even vegan cakes
Always there is interesting artwork and the history of the building to read and inhale while you enjoy a piece of blueberry cake, Jans famous rum truffles or irresistible pecan-salty-caramel tartlets. Vivien is baking the vegan cakes. Everything else – also savory dishes – Jan is preparing in his comfy kitchen overlooking the backyard.
quartier - favorite cafe in Lubeck offering scrumptious, even vegan cakes

quartier – feine Künste

Fleischhauerstraße 67


I hope with this little guide it’s now a piece of cake for you to find your favorite place for a sweet stop in Lübeck.

For further tips or updates, just leave a comment or send me a direct message.


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