Recipe: Piura Porcelana Chocolate Cake with Raspberry-Cake-Sorbet

If you like chocolate in summer and raspberries too, you’ll love this Piura Porcelana chocolate cake made with one of the rarest chocolates in the world that may blow you away with its intense fruity taste. Serve it pure or with another genius: Raspberry-Cake-Sorbet and you have a dessert that tastes like summer deluxe.

Just a side note: This is not a sponsored post but I have to call it a PROMOTION because I highlight my favorite summer chocolate here. Nobody asked me to write this and I’m not getting paid.

I developed the recipe for the Piura Porcelana chocolate cake a few weeks ago for a wonderful event in Frankfurt that aimed to promote fair traded chocolate in general. Here you will find a German post but the pictures tell a little bit of the story too, I think.

Piura Porcelana chocolate cake with raspberries, gluten free, lactose free, fair traded

My message was, that baking a cake with a fair and directly traded chocolate can not only help to increase the income of small farmers and ensures that children didn’t work for your consumption. It’s also possible to be part of the reforestation in parts of the world where our rainforest was cleared and unique plants like rare cocoa and wonderful animals started to vanish from our global map.

For the cake I served at the event, three new trees were planted thanks to the “one bar one tree” approach of Original Beans. It’s a brand that is first and foremost focused on preserving nature and it’s rarest treasures and by the way, produces one of the best quality chocolates in the world.

I’ll tell you the whole story when it’s getting colder outside.

This time, it’s just a little background information to give you some reason why you should go for exactly this chocolate.

Some good reasons to buy Piura Porcelana chocolate

The other reason is that I developed the cake around the flavors of the Piura Porcelana chocolate. Despite its expressive taste, the cake is light as a feather and I enhanced it with only a little sweetness and the flour of pecan nuts, which your gustatory nerves may discover alongside a hint of lime and the concise raspberry note.

Original Beans chocolate is distributed in different countries but of course is available online. The Original Beans online shop also offers the slightly cheaper couverture for baking.

This cake is a little, luxurious indulgence and you should serve it exactly like this: Cut in bite-size squares and served with a fresh raspberry on top. It’s getting better with a scoop (or two, or three…) of raspberry sorbet and extraordinary, if you take a little extra time to prepare this ingenious raspberry-cake sorbet, too.

Serve this raspberry-cake-sorbet solo or with Piura Porcelana chocolate cake

Here are both recipes. Take a pen and a paper, make your list and if you like, leave a comment below to share your thoughts about fair and directly traded chocolate in general and what you think about this Piura Porcelana cake and Sorbet in particular.

Recipe: Piura Porcelana Chocolate Cake with Raspberry-Cake-Sorbet
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For a small cake (15 x 15 cm)

80 g (vegan) butter

100 g Piura Porcelana chocolate (75 %)

40 g raw cane sugar

80 g pecan nuts, grounded

3 Eier, separated

1/8 Tsp salt


500 g raspberries

Juice of one lime

100 ml water

100 ml rice or agave syrup

one handfull of small chocolate cake chunks


For the Piura Porcelana chocolate cake

Boil water in a small pot, than take it from the stove.

Put small chunks of chocolate and butter in a matching bowl and carefully set it on top of the hot water. Wait until both ingredients melt.

Add sugar and whisk.

Grind pecan nuts and sieve on top of the chocolate butter.

Separate the eggs. Add the egg yolks to the cooled down chocolate. Beat the egg whites several minutes until dry and stiff.

Now start with a large spoon full of beaten egg white and fold it carefully unter your chocolate batter. Don't worry about the consistency. As soon as you fold in the whole mass, you'll end up having a wonderful mousse.

Leave it at room temperature for about one hour (Thanks to Yotam Ottolenghi for this trick) Than fill into a little cake tin or muffin moulds and bake for about 20 Minutes at 160 °C (convectional oven). Your cake is ready as soon as its surface is cracking.

For the Raspberry-Cake-Sorbet:

Fill water and syrup into a small pan and let it boil for about two minutes. Blend it with raspberries and lime juice, than strain it through a sieve and let cool down your puree for several hours in the fridge.

Fill it into your your ice cream maker to freeze it. One or two minutes before your sorbet it ready, add small chunks of chocolate cake and enjoy a heavenly treat.




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