Quickly made: Vegan Marzipan Ice Cream

Can you believe that once I almost died of thirst just because of marzipan ice cream? If only I had known how easy it is to prepare at home!

I don’t know how it’s like where you live. In my neighborhood there are only a few places where you can get marzipan ice cream. A – literally – to die for one is a small takeaway called “Eis Kaiser” (Ice Emperor) in a beautiful village located on the river Main called Seligenstadt.

The story is told quickly: I was in my early 20s, it was a really hot summer day and I was hanging around with a friend and my brand new inline skates. As for me there is never a way too far for the best ice cream we spontaneously decided to skate along the river to this ice-cream parlor. About one hour and 15 kilometers later we noticed, half-thirsty: The two of us together had not even 3 euros in our pockets!

We shared a marzipan cherry milkshake and quenched our thirst at a water tap in a restaurant. To be honest, I can’t remember how we made it back home. But after that, I never ever did a trip without checking how much money I have with me;-)

Marzipan ice cream pairs perfectly with summer fruits

I came up with the idea of making vegan marzipan ice cream while I prepared these absolutely ingenious crumble recipes I received from Michelin starred Patissier Tobias Schmitt.

Quite involuntarily I had to think of this little anecdote.

If someone asks if marzipan and summer fit together: Yes, perfectly! The sweet almond paste pairs beautifully with summer fruits such as strawberries, cherries, apricots and peaches.

I never experienced the secret of the ice cream I almost died for.

Also, there are only a few and very different recipes for vegan marzipan ice cream on the Internet.

Mine is very simple and based on almond milk and high-quality marzipan.

The secret: high-quality marzipan

Ordinary “consumer” marzipan you buy in supermarkets only contains about 50 percent almonds. The other half consists of sugar, invert sugar, water and alcohol or rose water.

When I visited Lübeck, the German hometown of marzipan, I learned about the different marzipan qualities.
In my next post, I’ll make a little trip back there and show you Lübeck’s sweetest sites.

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Among other things, I have of course visited the Lübeck marzipan warehouse. It’s way too touristy to include it into my little handpicked guide. But there and in their online shop, you can buy fine marzipan that contains at least 70 percent almonds. It’s what I have used to prepare my vegan marzipan ice cream and I can only recommend it.

(It’s a German website but they ship to other countries as well.)


You can, of course, make your own high-quality marzipan. In my recipe for “Gevulde Koeken” I have recommended this and link in this post also to a knowledgeable video.

It is important to use good almonds, preferably from the Mediterranean area, for example, the varieties Marcona or Valencia from Spain.

Pure indulgence: vegan marzipan ice cream

A high amount of almonds leads to creamy ice cream

If you use marzipan with a high amount of almond, you don’t need any other binders. Your ice cream will be wonderfully creamy.

And you can sweeten it right to your own taste.

My recipe for vegan marzipan ice cream tastes naturally sweet and contains additionally only a little rice syrup.

Enjoy it pure, with all the summer fruits and with chocolate or almond marzipan crumble – the recipes are here.

My favorite combination at the moment: cherry and “chocolate earth”.

Vegan marzipan ice cream with fresh cherries and homemade chocolate crumble

Now I am curious about how you will enjoy your ice cream! And hope that you have fun making it:-)

Quickly made: Vegan Marzipan Ice Cream
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600 ml almond milk

250 g marzipan (the higher the amount of almonds, the better)

about 50 ml rice sirup or any other liquid sweetener

1 tsp Guar Gum (optional)


Grate the marzipan coarsely.

Measure 600 ml of almond milk. Pour 500 ml into a medium-sized pot and heat slowly.

Stir marzipan in the hot, but not yet boiling milk and whisk until dissolved. Sweeten your milk thoughtfully but keep in mind that it will lose its sweetness once you start freezing it. I added about 50 ml rice syrup in addition to the 30% sugar my marzipan contains.

Now boil the mixture and continue simmering for a few minutes under constant stirring.

If your almond marzipan mixture starts thickening now, no further binder is necessary and you can add the remaining 100 ml of almond milk and let it boil again briefly.

Depending on the almond milk and the amount of almonds in the marzipan you use, your mixture may remain thin. Then you just stir the remaining 100 ml of almond milk vigorously with guar gum and add this mixture into the hot milk and also let everything boil again.

Pass the mixture through a sieve and let it cool down completely at room temperature.

Then place in the refrigerator for at least four hours or overnight.

Refill the well-cooled almond marzipan cream into your ice cream maker and prepare it according to the user manual.

Alternatively, you can pour it into a flat metal jar and stir every half an hour until your marzipan ice cream is frozen.

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xx Tamara


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  1. Natalia
    How interesting and unique this recipe sounds, and I have never thought of it! I hope september will be sunny so that I can try it once! Thanks, Tamara!
    6 September, 2017
    • Tamara
      On a sunny September day I imagine this ice cream with fresh plums or compote. Thank you so much for your lovely comment:-)
      6 September, 2017

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