“Gevulde Koeken” – Enjoy finest Dutch patisserie at home

It’s the subtle balance between three flavors that makes patisserie Holkamp’s gevulde koeken such a delightful, handy treat: Finest almonds, lemon, and salt. Try the original recipe or my vegan version and tell me what you think.

Gevulde koeken –two giant cookies filled with smooth almond paste – is an old Dutch recipe. „Too old-fashioned to bring home from a young spirited city like Amsterdam“, you might blame. But I think: It’s not! It’s just perfectly reflecting the cities spirit. Just look around the streets of Amsterdam where a young, enviable relaxed crowd is living and working in the most beautiful, ancient houses. Offering both: Modern style and old traditions whether you want to buy clothes, accessories, interior design or food.

I would call gevulde koeken a modern classic – timeless like the city.

These cookies are nothing fancy; you will get them nearly everywhere in the Netherlands. But the quality varies enormously, and also the way to enjoy it: quick hand, relaxed for tea, or to special occasions.
Gevulde Koeken, vegan und am liebsten zu einer Tasse Tee
That’s how I prefer to savor my gevulde koeken: very relaxed, with a special cup of tea.

The original recipe from Patisserie Holtkamp

During my visit to Amsterdam’s Patisserie Holtkamp, I received the original recipe. Since 1969, the little Patisserie is known for its superior quality.

Read the whole story here to figure out why you absolutely should schedule a visit there during your next trip to Amsterdam.

The most prominent trademarks of gevulde koeken from the Patisserie Holtkamp are their coronation with five whole almonds. More finest ingredients, like the filling out of home-made marzipan, are hidden. Would you like to know how to quickly make your marzipan? Watch Cees Holtkamp’s tutorial – he’s the founder of this fantastic patisserie – here.

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Soft, tender, and wonderfully aromatic

That’s how these delicate almond cakes are described best. The marzipan filling is a pleasant contrast to the crispy batter with its distinct salt notes and oven-roasted almonds. Add the taste of aromatic acid, fresh lemon peel to your imagination – would you agree it sounds like spring?

Try Cees Holtkamp’s original recipe or my vegan adaptation – but please use the finest ingredients you can get! Otherwise, it will be only half as good.

Have fun baking these wonderful, old, Dutch cookies!


“Gevulde Koeken” – Enjoy finest dutch patisserie at home
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(Makes about 15 tartlets à 8 cm Ø)


300 g all pupose flour

6 g baking powder

3 g salt

1 tsp lemonzests

100 g raw cane sugar

200 butter (or plantbased butter)

1 eg (or icecold water)


300 g marzipan

3 egs (or almondmilk)


1 eg + 1 egyolk, whisked (oat cream is a wonderful vegan option here)

50 whole almonds


Prepare the short pastry: Mix all dry ingredients, then add ice-cold butter. Mix until dough is crumbly, add egg or just enough ice water to stick everything together.

Wrap dough with baking paper and put it into the fridge for at least 30 minutes. You can use the same paper later for baking - a little side note to avoid trash:-)

In the meantime, prepare the marzipan filling: Cut marzipan in small pieces and whisk with eggs, oat cream or almond cream until you the get a spreadable mixture.

Preheat oven to 210°C/410°F (circulating air).

Roll out dough approximately 2 mm thick and cut out 30 round cookies with a diameter of 8 cm. Of course you can vary the size, the original recipe for example calls for 12 cm.

Now put half of the cookies on your baking sheet and put a scoop of marzipan in the middle of each. I used an ice cream scoop but of course you could use two tablespoons instead.

Now cover each cookie with its counterpart. With your flat hand, carefully fold down the edges. Seal the edges with a fork. This is looking beautiful and prevents your filling to leak during baking.

Now decorate your cookies with 5 whole almonds and butter with egg (whisked) or oat cream.

Bake for 10-15 minutes until golden brown.

Stored in a metal box they stay fresh for 3-4 days.

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  1. Magy
    These pastries are simply sensational! I'm partially Dutch and adore Dutch cuisine, but I live in the USA for the time being and sadly cannot experience any store-bought Dutch foods. I am also plant based, which would present a large challenge or me even if I could buy Dutch foods. I love that you include a plant based and refined sugar free version of all of your amazing recipes!
    20 May, 2021
  2. ashok
    Thanks For Sharing this amazing recipe. My family loved it. I will be sharing this recipe with my friends. Hope the will like it.
    13 July, 2021

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