A Festive Chefs’ Dessert with Ghana Chocolate

German Michelin starred chef Nelson Müller is using high-quality Ghana chocolate for this fabulous dessert. His airy chocolate cake combined with mousse au Ghana chocolate and coconut ice cream is an extraordinary conclusion of every dinner. The chocolate cake stands alone and is an everyday treat.

This recipe is not vegan but you can exchange all dairy products with lactose-free alternatives, if necessary. It’s linked to my article about Christmas in Ghana (currently only in German), where I asked well-known personalities from Ghana about traditions and sweet specialties for Christmas.

Chef Nelson Müller was born in Ghana but grew up in Germany. For a TV series, he just traveled to Ghana to learn more about Ghana chocolate, so this dessert is his contribution.

While King Bansah told me about traditions and values that are special for his people in the eastern part of the country, the Kofi Annan Foundation inspired me to create a Christmassy spiced sweet potato pudding after I learned about their dedication promoting farming and eating the orange-fleshed sweet potato in Ghana.

You can find the recipe for my sweet potato pudding here.

But now we are talking about fine dining at home. Because there’s no need to worry: This dessert is easy to prepare and each delicious recipe works on its own, too.

Little cakes and mousse with Ghana chocolate

Dessert with Ghana chocolate

Ghana chocolate has an extremely intense cacao flavor. I love the different flavors of the bean-to-bar chocolate the German social start-up fairafric produces in Ghana. They sell worldwide in their Online-Shop.

Don’t worry about the star appeal of this dessert, it’s easy to prepare and you even can make the certain components one day ahead.

For a festive look, I cut little rhombs from the cake and decorated it with the lofty mousse and coconut ice-cream, that has a light citrus flavor. Pineapples would be a good companion here, but I used physalis and pomegranate pearls. Also, I blended coconut flakes and sugar to make powdered coconut sugar and baked some coconut chips to decorate the plate.

Go for this recipe!

A Festive Chefs’ Dessert with Ghana Chocolate
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Ghana chocolate mousse

200g Ghana chokolate (70% - 75%)

1 egg

2 eggyolks

25g sugar

500ml whipped cream

4cl chocolate liqueur

Ghana chocolate cake

80g icing sugar

4 egg yolks

200g Ghana chocolate

100g flour

4 egg whites

100 g sugar

coconut ice cream

300 ml coconut cream

100 ml whipped cream

100 g glucose

50 g alcohol

2 biologigal limes (juice and zest)


To prepare the chocolate mousse, melt chocolate and whip cream.

Combine eggs, sugar and liqueur in a bows and set it over hot water. Heat up slowly and stir with a wooden spoon until it thickens but be careful that your mixture doesn't begin to set.

Stir in melted chocolate and put into the fridge.

Whip the cream and carefully fold into the chocolate cream.

For the cake, slighlty warm up butter but don't melt it. Beat with icing sugar and egg yolks until creamy.

Meanwhile melt the chocolate and beat the egg white until stiff.

Now carefully fold flour and chocolate into the batter. Last but not least, fold in the beatened egg whites.

Fill into buttered cake tins and bake for 12 minutes at 160 degrees.

For the ice cream just put all the ingredients into your ice machine and freeze.


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