Extraordinary: Dukkah and blood orange breakfast bowl

Dukkah is my favorite spice and it matches so many savory dishes. But sweet? Blood oranges, caramelized nuts and a creamy yoghurt are the perfect companions.

Do you know Dukkah?

Dukkah is a mixture of roasted and pounded nuts, seeds and spices. Its intense, warm fragrance is already addictive before you fall in love with the taste and crunch of this all-rounder. In Egypt everyone manufactures its individual mix. The “original” recipe was published 1968 by Kairo born author Claudia Roden in her bestseller “A Book of Middle Eastern Food”. As far as I know, her recipe is not only the first published outside Egypt. It has popularised this exceptional seasoning in various kitchens of the world.

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When I sprinkle a large spoon filled with Dukkah about my food I feel like sitting in hot desert sand. The taste of roasted nuts in combination with nigella seeds, aniseed, fennel, cumin, chili, thyme… is incredibly exciting, intense and perfectly combines.

Lucky me, knowing the “Dukkah Queen”

Neither do I owe my love for Dukkah to Claudia Roden nor a holiday in Egypt – instead it was a meeting with Instagram bloggers in Munich. I gave a lift to one of the ladies: Ursula, the Dukkah Queen herself. She is not only an incredibly nice person and cooks fantastically. I am claiming – without ever having convinced myself from the contrary – she makes the worlds best Dukkah. And I am so incredibly lucky to have a large glass, personally prepared by her at home – still…

Uschi’s winning formula is available not only on “the foodie & the fit” – a beautiful blog she is writing with her daughter Sophia. Even Hans Gerlach, a well known cook and epicure was so convinced that he presented the recipe in his column at the Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine – it’s awarded the best one here in Germany by the way. At this point it was clear to me: Our Dukkah Queen (it’s her Instagram name) actually should launch production.

dukkah and blood orange breakfast bowl, vegan, plantbased, dairyfree, refined sugar free, spicy, dessert, lunch

Dukkah, Yoghurt and Fruit

One word in Hans Gerlachs column drove me to the kitchen the next morning to finally try a sweet variation: Yogurt. I wanted to experiment with Dukkah the sweet way for a long time but not dared. After all, strong spices in this mix are included. Not too dominant but usually I don’t eat Chili for breakfast. On the other hand, it fits well with dark chocolate. And oranges… and in combination with a creamy yogurt and a few caramelized nuts!

That how the idea for this breakfast bowl with blood oranges was born. The recipe will work fine with regular oranges, too. And it’s by the way also a fantastic afternoon treat – if you are running a little low on energy and need some boost.

dukkah and blood orange breakfast bowl, vegan, plantbased, dairyfree, refined sugar free, spicy, dessert, lunch

Give it a try! And leave me a comment or send me a message, so I know whether my experiment convinced you.



Extraordinary: Dukkah and blood orange breakfast bowl
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100 g coconut yoghurt

50 g homemade cashew cream (cashews, soaked for 3-4 hours and then blended with a hint of salt, lemon juice and just enough water to get a thick cream)

2 tbs. rose hip or sea buckthorn puree

1 blood orange, peeled and sliced

a small hand full of walnuts, caramelized with coconut sugar (this is optional but a nice contrast)

1 heaped tbs. of dukkah


Pre-prepare cashew cream.

Caramelize walnuts by just put them in your pan over medium heat and add 2-3 tbs. coconut sugar. It’s melting quick! As soon as you see this, stir your nuts to slightly cover them and remove from the stove.

Mix cashew cream with coconut yoghurt and add fruit puree. Marble if you like.

Top with blood oranges, walnuts and dukkah.

Be surprised about how this sweet and spicy combination will get you started in the mornings. If you still doubt that this intense and a little chili flavored seasoning is your cup of tea for breakfast, try in the afternoon. To be honest it’s what I did the first time, too.

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