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Behind Liguria’s west coast natural indulgence has a long tradition

It seems like the traditional cuisine behind Liguria’s West Coast is experiencing a worldwide revival. At least many current food trends have a long tradition here. Simple, nutritious dishes, mainly made of plant based products, finger food, natural sweet treats: all this is “typical” here. Guess I spotted the perfect holiday region for vegetarians and […]

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How do you create star worthy vegan desserts?

That’s what I wanted to know from Tobias Schmitt. The 29-year-old is sous-chef and patissier in the Michelin 2-stars restaurant Lafleur in Frankfurt where he conjures up with ease vegan desserts that are on one level with the classic alternatives in the menu. In this portrait, he reveals which combinations he particularly likes and 6 simple tricks […]

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Best of Amsterdam: Patisserie Holtkamp

Looking for real Dutch patisserie beyond Poffertjes and pancakes? Don’t miss to set Patisserie Holtkamp on Nr. 1 of your sightseeing list for Amsterdam. Packed in the smallest and most beautiful original Art Nouveau interior shop, you will get the most indulgent pralines, tarts, and cookies from Amsterdam and beyond within.

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