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Vegan Matcha Tuiles

This is a simple recipe for crispy vegan matcha tuiles that are also an unusual, last-minute table decoration. Edible Easter baskets? Simply put some colorful chocolate eggs into your wafers. The matcha tuiles are especially tasty when you fill them with some yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast or just serve them with a scoop of ice cream for dessert. […]

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A Festive Chefs’ Dessert with Ghana Chocolate

German Michelin starred chef Nelson Müller is using high-quality Ghana chocolate for this fabulous dessert. His airy chocolate cake combined with mousse au Ghana chocolate and coconut ice cream is an extraordinary conclusion of every dinner. The chocolate cake stands alone and is an everyday treat. This recipe is not vegan but you can exchange […]

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Tikvenik – Sweet Tradition with Pumpkin from Bulgaria

Tikvenik is a sweet, vegan specialty from Bulgaria: extremely thin puff pastry, layered with pumpkin and walnuts and baked as long as it needs to get a beautiful crispy, golden crust. It’s the only recipe from my little booklet with naturally sweet Christmas recipes I publish here, not only because I will prepare Tikvenik this […]

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Quickly made: Vegan Marzipan Ice Cream

Can you believe that once I almost died of thirst just because of marzipan ice cream? If only I had known how easy it is to prepare at home! I don’t know how it’s like where you live. In my neighbourhood there are only a few places where you can get marzipan ice cream. A […]

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Two exclusive crumble recipes to refine your desserts

Some things are not simply a dessert and these two, very individual and vegan crumble recipes are not only the perfect supply for spontaneous cravings or dear guests. They are extraordinary and something you just don’t get easily. A Crumble Daydream It will be one of those very special moments. I carefully choose the dress […]

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Creative indulgence: Mango-Coconut Cream Tart

This fruity mango-coconut cream tart with some unusual flavors is my contribution to an exceptional competition called #KunstKochen (art cooking), organized by German organic food wholesaler Alnatura and the Städel Museum in Frankfurt – Germanys oldest museum foundation. Twelve artworks are available to choose from, and one of them immediately triggered something in me: Arafat without […]

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“Gevulde Koeken” – Enjoy finest Dutch patisserie at home

It’s the subtle balance between three flavors that makes patisserie Holkamp’s gevulde koeken such a delightful, handy treat: Finest almonds, lemon, and salt. Try the original recipe or my vegan version and tell me what you think. Gevulde koeken –two giant cookies filled with smooth almond paste – is an old Dutch recipe. „Too old-fashioned to bring […]

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